These Are Your Favorite Classic Top Gear Segments


byAaron Cole|
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Like it or not, Top Gear became the shorthand answer for “How do I get my girlfriend/boyfriend into cars?” for a while. Richard, James, and Jeremy introduced millions to what cars could—and couldn’t—do. At its peak, pre-YouTube days, it was must-see TV every week. Whether you caught it on the BBC or bootlegged it from one of a dozen forums, every episode felt like an adventure. 

But some episodes and segments were better than others. Whether you’re like our Editor-at-Large Andrew Collins, whose favorites are deep cuts like the E46 CSL, or you’re like me and can finish every sentence in the far-flung specials, we all have our faves. 

It’s why we asked what your favorite segment was this week. Here are some of the answers:

Hilux Hijinks

More than one commenter mentioned the famous Toyota Hilux that couldn’t be broken. Daniel Williams pointed that one out, among others, and I couldn’t agree more. Watching it getting dropped from an imploded building or sunk (I think they set it on fire, too?), the Hilux proved its mettle more than once. 

Veyron vs. Everything

Yeah, Top Gear had the clicky videos before YouTube figured it out, and more than one of you highlighted the Veyron vs. Eurofighter. Drag races are a dime a dozen now, and even wacky matchups are easy to find. Back in the day, pitting the world’s fastest car against a fighter jet was unheard of and awesome to watch. Hell, even after the deluge of drag racing videos that have flooded the internet, watching that clip is still entertaining. 

Some More Special Than Others

Debating the best Top Gear special episode is like debating what color of money is best. The answer is: They’re all good. Toyota4x4 said his favorite was the Bolivia special, although the ending on that wasn’t the best. Botswana was great: “Oliver!” I could watch the Polar special on an endless loop, personally. 

Reliably Reliant

Yep, the Robin rollover toward the end of the series run with Hammond, May, and Clarkson was one of the few final flashes of brilliance, but it wasn’t the first time they clowned on the notorious three-wheeler. Early TG days included a Robin space shuttle, as highlighted by JLT, and I think it was one of the show’s most brilliant and largely unscripted moments. 

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