These Are the Car Mods That Need to Die in 2023

“That burble tune makes your car sound dope.” — No one.

byAaron Cole|
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Raise your hand if you had a cheap intake, bad sway bars, and a fart can. Guilty. 

I admit, I was caught up in 2000s “mods” that weren’t really mods—they were whatever I could afford at Pep Boys with whatever cash I had on hand, which was never very much. Every generation goes through those phases, some prettier than others. Some mods are no good, no matter when. 

This week’s question focused on what needs to go now. We asked, you answered. Here are some of the best. 

Grumbles about burbles

Burble tunes are this generation’s fart cans, no doubt. They’re bad, effectively do nothing, and prove even less. The crack and burble tunes don’t particularly sound great—especially when it’s coming from a family sedan. John CheyneyC. F.Discopotato and more get it. Hopefully the rest of the world will soon, too. 

Brett Michaels via YouTube

Silly squats

Yeah, it’s about time the “Carolina Squat” made its “Irish Goodbye.” Don’t say a word, just out the door. An email into tips gave us all food for thought: Is a mod really bad if it creates a new generation of car fans? The answer: Yes. Because this one is especially dangerous and makes it nearly impossible to see out of those trucks. For shows, it’s fine. For showing off on public roads, not so fine. RIP FedSmoker said out loud what we all were thinking.

I won’t follow your car

While it’s not a “mod” per se, stickers with handles and bad mods usually go hand-in-hand. No, I will not follow your car on Instagram. Don’t ask. And honestly, the handle on your car’s window just gives me reason to believe that you’re more interested in posting stories than driving. There are more interesting things to do on the internet beyond watching livestreams of oil changes. Stay_Classy and I agree—just stop. 

James Gilboy


More than a few comments focused on mods that lift or drop the ride height. I sincerely doubt either will die in 2023, but I can empathize with needless/bad lifts and drops. In some cases, they just make the car worse. In other cases, they make it pretty dangerous for the road. Nonetheless, HinoToyoCartman, and others want ‘em gone. 

Eds note: Swangas and Slabs are actually very good, folks. Those can live on.